from the official press release:

6/6/6- TURF WAR! 3 brave creatures claim the coastline from sf to east la as creature territory on a three day 500 mile ride. 2 unaffiliated riders in santa cruz surrender instantly, bowing down to loinscum supremacy without a fight. we cede la and south to the guru, myrons & their crew of heathen rockers. Creatures plant the flag of loindom in san louis obispo, santa cruz, santa barbara, & monterey on a 3 day coastal pilgrimage to the guru in LA. Four creatures ride with 30+ la riders at myron's mopeds monthly ride, err, I mean race. wait was it a ride or a race, is 45mph racing or riding? whatever. 60 mph 50cc mopeds in attendance, yikes. Dozens of 45 mph machines = mayhem. They are like a decade ahead in 50cc moped technology down there, but the creatures have more chains so? creatures now possess 5 guru machines; achtung. Oregon lies in a peaceful slumber, but not for long as creatures citywide plot an all out invasion. Take the coast before those mosquito fleet heathens claim it, expand the empire, arghgh. meet on sunday or perish. is the creature's moped army allegiance wavering? acknowledge us or meet thee maker.

g's twin lens powers documenting the taking of the coast below...........


bruisers zephyr & van fleet, loyal creatures (& puch riders) to the end, performed a bike transfer when the foxi went down 40 miles out of the city !yeh devilock!


but while we waited for them to arrive with g's motobecane we barely survived the scorching sun & a minor tic invasion. akiko & benji, no fans of the sun, on their deathbed

lompoc scenic detour on a 200+ mile day

our usual order - motobecane followed by magnum followed by maxi: oh, that bridge near big sur I think after a night in a ditch

ahh moped journeys...

creature brett's peugeot, after getting the electrics switched up for quality PUCH parts, is a 37mph+ menace to the streets. Get the peugeot scoop from myrons or the guru and your peugeot will purr, I mean roar, like this tan beauty. I hear it even won best of show at the 25th myron's ride.

on the myron's ride with creatures brett & bandit

magnum rider of the year awarded to this lucky chopper

he's pretty excited about it

magnum riders unite!



oh, and the final word : puch uber alles. done.