from the soma interview with creaturette mila: "what is your favorite mode of transportation? my freespirit." loin!

i ripped this out of newport's soma magazine and he almost beat me so i hope you appreciate it.

akiko polaroid


eric impending garage diaster like everyday

a chapped leathered up newport seen through benji 3200 speed night vision on the SHOCKER's magnum; rad

doug maxi seen through benji 3200 night vision out on geary somewhere

justin midnite waiting for someone somewhere

shocker night magnum (van fleet)

across from the edinburgh castle (van fleet)

my hero

ringo's shocking pink maxi blows a piston ring; she trys to end it all

dealer plated ported honda hobbit post blowout buried in the ghetto domain of demented truckers & tweakers

benji peugeot polini liquid cooled 65cc evildoer

g & lee departing sf to moped to south america

vespa crack cocaine addiction edition as noted by foxi; we thought this was the stolen red bravo of a few months ago and then as we began grinding and hacking off the many fanny packs, locks, and lumps of chocolate we noticed it was actually, um, not ours. no 13mm carb, no polini we left it. Someone was obviously putting it to good use.