creature window box opening = 7pm at farleys, till oh
10 or 11 or something...we're crashing someone else's
opening so be ready for chaos and lots of liquor.

The window displays feature polaroids from our coastal raids + some engines, assorted
moped paraphanalia + lots of trash. it's like an ode to mopeds, a museum or something.



midnite at the de young opening, bring liquor and
maybe a sleeping bag or something in case we all
decide to sleep somewhere in the park or in the
museum.  We'll be there till deep in the nite, um, I
mean all night.  be ready, for the museum is indeed open
straight through from 9am saturday to 5pm sunday
or something like that

map, worthless jabber

it'll be wild. 

I think we'll probably mobilize earlier in the
evening, anyone have any ideas? 


bbq at lee and bellas house, bring liquor and treats.
I think they live around sf state and I would guess
we'll be meeting around 3pm ish.


8:30pm meet at nizarios on geary for a slice of pizza,
then head out to pacifica, featuring a quick blast on
the freeway along the coast, into the fog. sleeping in
the forest somewhere if we feel like it.
nizario wants to put up a poster of us in his pizza shop.


for info :

if you run out of gas we will fine you $1, so fill up