Reception: Friday, October 14, 7PM

Window Display of the Month

“Moped Madness”


The Creatures of the Loin are liberators of the forgotten moped, swarming frequently and encouraging havoc among and emptiness inside the souls of the cagers/gas-guzzlers who try to kill them every day. One summer morning five of them decided to leave the majestic scenery of the Tenderloin district for the less breathtaking coastal lands north of the City on a 49.5 cubic-centimeter motto-journey to Seattle. Their starting point was an abandoned mental institution, and their brethren from across the country would await them on the other side, 1000 miles north. Come bear witness to the wake of photographs, spray paint, knives, ill-advised chaps, and small-displacement motor destruction overcome by improvised technologies. MOPED ARMY – SWARM AND DESTROY


for further reference to this grand adventure see the blooddrive section.


our beloved author in repose on a random sears free spirit