from the official press release:

5/20/05 - creatures hired by APPLE for their new fall '05 ad campaign, err, that is not a joke. benji & G spend the day with models & various hot young things... Photographer to the stars ben watts shoots moped dealers to the stars benji & G whilst waiting around for the real models to get beautied up. We try to scam haircuts, to no avail. look for 4 creature mopeds with models grinding riding on them to appear in apple in store posters + web advertising + ? around fall '05. Shot on location in the outer richmond just 8 blocks from a garage we were evicted from. They loved the bat. Next time they'll come for the creatures & their mopeds, and leave the models behind, since we're such dreamy things, right? ha. no free ipods to report...moped prices rise by 18% worldwide. Everyone on the shoot wanted a moped, arghgh, supply, arghgh, demand, arghgh. creatures struggle with their newfound fame, i mean infamy. creatures find their place as the most high profile moped army nonbranch ever. ahh the moped lifestyle, little do they know it's all about grease and gas huffing, not glitter and glam. bless the creatures.

the , g's orange moby, bravo 20mph safe non sound barrier breaking edition, & bella's '76 green maxi were the stars of the shoot.

benji and G trolled the sidelines as "moped handlers", grr, that's hot.


look for mopeds to be featured in apple instore displays starting fall '05.

for each creature feature you can hijack we pay a bounty of 15 cents.

send all hijacked goods to : benji & G, heart of thee loin, 94109

the elusive benji tests the light for photographer to the stars ben watts ; it was good. check the almost visible moped army patch.

crumbs, the one day I don't bring my gold chains...........err, that's bella's moped...